Do Children Add Stress on Marriage?

No one wants to say it, but everyone knows it’s true that having babies and parenting small children can be pretty tough on a marriage. I really think that regardless of how solid your relationship is, you’re bound to endure the inevitable challenges of early parenthood. Our children are our greatest blessing but in all honesty, they add some stress to our marriage because they require A LOT of attention. More

Mommy SOS: The Picky Eater Stage

My now almost 2-year old used to eat anything but for the past week or so, it seems like he became an extremely picky eater. All he wants is milk, junk foods, and some fruits (thank God). He eats a couple bites at every meal and that’s about it.  Most of his food would end up splattering the high-chair and the floor. If I try to feed him, he would just say “NO” while pushing away my hand.

I know that picky eating is very common at this stage and according to his pediatrician, it’s developmentally normal. As growth slows down, children eat leass because they need less. However, as a parent, it’s hard not to get alarmed when your child suddenly slam on the brakes and refuse to eat his once favorite foods.

I have tried everything to get him to try other things and it hasnt worked. Anybody else  has gone or going through this? Any creative deas on how to handle this stage?

In Love With Thomas

Lately, big J is so into Thomas the Tank Engine. His favorite night time book is now Thomas and Friends book instead of Good Night Moon. And of course, his dad is unsurprisingly been buying and collecting trains including a big  Thomas Train Table. I really thought that it was ridiculously expensive but I have to admit that they are also very well made  and come with a lifetime guarantee.  

Since the big Small Fry’s turning 2 next month, we decided to have Thomas the Tank Engine as the theme for his birthday party. It’s going to be nowhere as big as his 1st birthday party so I didn’t plan it as far in advance, not to mention I was stuck in the hospital 12 weeks ago so we decided to just invite family and some close friends.

With a brand new baby, I really don’t have much energy to creatively pull together an all out personalized birthday bash. Nonetheless, I want it to be special. I want Jordan to feel special. After all, his baby brother has been getting most of the attention and much of mommy’s time so instead of buying the invites, I decided to just design and print them myself (which are now ready to be mailed out). I’m also going to bake his cupcakes again but I won’t be making edible fondant toppers.

I’m still looking for Jordan’s outfit, party favors, and a bunch of other party stuff so if you have any party ideas, please let me know! :)

Back to Work-Life Balancing Act

It has been 7 weeks and the stress & anxiety of hospital bed rest is now a distant memory. I’m now officially back to the grind.

I took twelve weeks of maternity leave  (5 weeks on hospital bed rest & 7 weeks at home with my boys). Seven weeks fly by fast even without sleep. And just when I’ve started to get the hang of how to be a mom of two under 2, it’s time to return to work and learn how to balance work and life again.

I know that the first few weeks would be a struggle with trying to manage everything. It’s going to be an incessant process of re-negotiating priorities and managing the curveballs that will get thrown my way. I will lose myself once again but I also know that it’s going to get a little easier day-by-day and that one day, when the boys are older, I’m going to miss it all…

One Month Later

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been a month already since the Small Fry #2 was born. It’s amazing how time flies with your children. You blink and they are all grown up. I have no idea where the last month of my life has gone. All I know is that even though I’ve been living in baby survival mode, attending to a newborn’s constant needs around the clock, I also have been enjoying this summer with my children. Jordan is doing pretty well with his little brother. He LOVES him and just wants to cover him in kisses.

The Small Fry #2 is Here!

I’m happy to say that my 5+ week long hospital bed rest has finally come to an end and I’m truly thankful to God for blessing us with another healthy baby boy!

The night before my c-section, I couldn’t sleep from excitement. Michael was thrilled at the idea of getting to hold our little baby the next day, and I was thrilled at the idea of my hospital bed rest ending. I swear, I barely slept. I just kept tossing and turning in bed, looking at the clock. And it was finally time! They let me walk to the operating room and when we got there, they started the spinal block. My legs got heavy quickly and I felt numb almost instantly. Michael was right by my side, holding my hand. I was nervous. I was excited. I was finally going to see my little Jelly B! More

Light at the End of the Bed Rest Tunnel

I have finally reached the 38-week mark! After 5 long weeks on hospital bed rest, unwanted contractions & a seemingly endless needle pokes, reaching this milestone is truly a huge blessing from God. As my bed rest time draws to a close, I realized that the most important things I’ve done for my sanity while on bed rest is letting go and holding on. More

37 Weeks and Full Term

A month of being stuck in a hospital on bed rest could sometimes feel like eternity – and while being upset seems like the most natural reaction, sometimes, you just have to let it go, accept it for what it is, do the best you can and find all the good within the circumstance. Needless to say, despite of my situation, I feel blessed by this pregnancy, especially having experienced bleeding from placenta previa. More

9 Days and Counting

It’s been a month since I was admitted to the hospital and put on strict bed rest and I’m honestly getting so tired of it and could not wait to go home.  Two days ago, I was hooked back up to an IV because I’ve been contracting a lot and I’ve also been hooked up to the monitors 24/7 since then. I thought they’d do the c-section because of it but thankfully, the meds slowed the contractions down. My OB thinks that I won’t make it until the 18th – she thinks I’ll go into labor before then & that we’d have to do an emergency c-section because these contractions could make me bleed again. More

The Little Things in Life That Make All the Difference

With the sun gloriously shining today, Michael took me out in a wheelchair. We went around the hospital compound, talking about trivial things and just simply enjoying each other’s company and connecting.

I know that being in the hospital for more than three weeks, it could be too easy to get caught up in the trials of life and neglect quality time with family. However, I feel so blessed and thankful to God that I have a committed husband who balance everything between work, errands, bills, and making sure I have everything I need while in the hospital. He stays with me in the hospital every single night from the day I was admitted. I am also very thankful to my parents who takes good care of Jordan and for bringing him here every day so I could spend time with him. More