The Munchie Mug Update

Back in Noveber, I did rave review on the Munchie Mug but I just want to give a quick update that the Small Fry has been grabbing a handful of Cheerios and spilling out of his hands landing all over the place. I honestly think that had I waited to buy it until Jordan’s a bit older, then he probably would know how to use it better. However, I still love the mug and I still highly recommend it. I’d like to reiterate that the Munchie Mug does a great  job at keeping snacks in – definitely no spills when your toddler shakes or drops the mug!

Pregnancy Posts Hiding Under Private Settings

We have announced it on facebook, sent our pregnancy announcement to family and friends and now, it’s time to let my blog readers know that… WE’RE PREGNANT!

Here are the links to a few posts that I wrote when we weren’t ready to announce the pregnancy yet:

11-15-10: I Peed on a Stick and Got Two Pink Lines… Again!
12-19-10: Wordless Wed: We Are Expanding Our Home Two More Feet!
12-23-10: Expanding at Light Speed More


Thirteen days into the New Year and I still haven’t posted anything new. I blame it to the nasty croup.

The Small Fry started with a normal sounding scratchy throat on Tuesday morning, by night time it sounded phlegmy. Not too long after he fell asleep, he coughed a little and started throwing up so I called his pediatrician and she told me that it’s most likely that little cough triggered a gag so he threw up. After changing his clothes and the bed sheets, he asked for a small piece of banana and went back to sleep. More

New Year’s Celebration Prep

There isn’t much turnaround time between Christmas and New Year’s, so it’s time to start thinking about the foods that you want to ring in 2011 with! Growing up, my parents always had big New Year’s Eve celebration at our house and there were many dishes that made appearances year after year. Filipino classics like BBQ skewers, sweet spaghetti, chestnuts, all kinds of fruits, palitaw (Filipino mochi cake), etc. So now, I’m thinking of making all those food for New Year’s Eve but laziness is creeping up on me. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get into the cooking mode by tomorrow so I can start grocery shopping!

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful, magical, blessed Christmas! It was all around a fantastic 4-day weekend, spent with those we love, enjoying great food, and counting our many blessings.


Expanding at Light Speed!

I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and I am showing so much faster than I did when I was preggers with Jordan. I know that you usually show faster with the second one but I didn’t think it was this fast. I have already grown into a new bra size and my pants are snug so I finally pulled all my maternity pants out last night.

This time around is a completely different ball game but I hope that this is not a peek into how the rest of my pregnancy will go. Does it level out or will I continuously blow up?

Wordless Wednesday: We Are Expanding Our House Two More Feet

Our Photo Christmas Cards Holiday Tradition

I finally finished addressing our Christmas cards last night. As you all know, I take my card seriously, designing and printing it myself.  However for this year, I just ended up ordering a card off of Shutterfly but I have to admit, I am so happy the way it turned out! More

Wordless Wednesday: Pregnancy 2009

Last night, I received an e-mail from one of my readers asking if I could share some of my pregnancy pictures on my blog so here’s some of my favorites…

At 26 weeks


What’s in our Camera Bag?

I have had many people ask me what kind of camera we use to take the photos featured on this site and on my facebook page. They often ask if it’s one of those big black professional ones that take really good pictures?