Jayden’s 1 Year

One year ago, I gave birth to my little Jayden and he has filled my heart with more love than I thought imaginable.

I love the little person he has become and how much he has grown and changed in the last year. However,  I am also going through the most surreal feeling that I just can’t believe my little baby is now my little toddler. He went from needing me for everything to now a little mister independent.

Jayden has truly filled our lives with light. It’s been pure joy to watch him grow and catch up to his big brother and I know that the best is yet to come…

To celebrate this huge milestone, we planned an intimate family dinner on his actual birthday with a Polka Dots theme just like what we did for his older brother.

And just like his older brother, he didn’t want anything to do with the cake smashing so we just opened gifts instead.

The weekend of his birthday, we had a Barnyard Birthday Bash for him and I’m glad to say that after much planning, it was a fun filled day for all of us! We hired a photographer for the event but she unfortunately cancelled at the last minute. Thankfully, Michael was still able to take some good photos while entertaining our guests at the same time!

A bunch of family are still in town for the rest of the week so I will write a separate post about the party later this week when we’re not as busy anymore.